About Diana Souhami

The Devon cottage where I used to go to write. But now it’s too tumbledown. The pic of me is by Joss McKinley.

A portrait of Roley to whom my book A Sapphic Idyll(Wild Girls) was dedicated. He was very fond of lesbians. He died in 2003.

My workroom in London.

The terrace where I drink my morning coffee and blitz vine weevil with nematode worms from the Green Gardener.

My friend Naomi helping me with my accounts.

My mother, a week before she died. I never knew her spill her food or have dirt behind her nails.

My mother when younger. Her paternal grandfather was Yaakov Zvi Hersz Przedicki from Plock in Russian Poland, known as Jack Harris when he got to the East End in 1870.

Me when I was three with my brother Robert.

My father making a speech. He was very funny. My mother always said she married him because he made her laugh. She certainly didn't marry him for his looks or his money.

The naturalisation application in 1862 of my great grandfather Alphonse Abraham Souhami ‘a native of Smyrna in the Ottoman Empire’. His father's name was Moses Souhami and the one before that was God.

Alphonse Abraham Souhami when he was still in Smyrna, before he moved to Old Street. I hope his grandma isn’t wearing a racoon round her neck.